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    When we looked at the highest performers, we observed that there are four ways they’re continually reinventing themselves.

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Ignite meaningful and tangible innovations

Scale and speed no longer defines success in China, innovation does. 2018 is the first year we see domestic brands starting to take a lead on "pervasively innovative” in some categories - Huawei and Xiaomi marked this exciting shift by outperforming Apple in smartphones.

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Liberate lifestyle with connectivity

The speed of connectivity innovation in 2018 has passed through an inflection point. The Chinese no longer are happily surprised at the lifestyle enrichment different platforms offer. Instead, they now demand them. First, every aspect of daily life is now integrated in one-stop apps that offer unprecedented seamlessness. Second, technology also liberates by connecting like-minded subtribes, people who share similar passions. Third, online and offline retail worlds have been connected, further reinforcing seamlessness.

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Enrich experience through curated content

Nowadays, consumers not only trade up their “material needs” but also their “spiritual consumption.” They seek emotional connection and express their authentic self through content. Brands such as iQiyi and Estee Lauder curate content based on in-depth consumer insight and commercialize this opportunity whilst creating an entire community surrounding this.

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Foster happier healthier home

Home has become the new center of gravity in the life of the rising Chinese middle class. With 200 million middle class households, and continued increase in home ownership cross all city tiers, home has become the hub for better living. Brands like Midea and Haier have capitalized on this opportunity, providing solutions and experiences that make home a better place to be; a more connected place, a means for discovery and self-expression, a center for entertainment and an oasis for health and well-being.

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Empower global citizens

Evolving from 'go to see' to 'go to experience', Frequent Independent Travelers (FITs) no longer take shopping as their main purpose when going abroad. Instead, they are seeking more authentic experience by eating as local, commuting as local and living as local. Brands like Alipay and UnionPay provide Chinese friendly product and service without hurting the local authenticity to give them sense of security.

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