• How relentlessly relevant is your brand?

    See for yourself with Prophet’s brand relevance diagnostic. By assessing how ruthlessly pragmatic, customer obsessed, distinctively inspired and pervasively innovative you believe your brand to be, you can uncover opportunities to build and strengthen its relevance.


Why use the diagnostic tool?

Using our diagnostic allows you to rank your brand and where it falls across the four principles of relevance – customer obsession, pragmatism, innovation and inspiration. This leads to an assessment of where you are falling short or excelling when building relevance with your customers.

Once finished, you’ll get tips to help you in the areas where you may be lagging. Picking out a few of those areas to work on can help create change, build relevance and drive growth.


Top 50

In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, our Index shows brands that can connect consumers back to simpler times and evoke nostalgia are more relevant: Fisher-Price, Disney, KitchenAid, Folgers and BAND-AID are all in the top 50.

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Compared to other companies, how do you think your company performs on the provided statements?

Click and move the slider to indicate your answer. Selecting 10% means you believe the brand you selected performs higher than 90% of other brands.

Is a brand that customers can’t imagine living without
Meets an important need in customers’ lives
Makes customers happy
Connects emotionally with customers
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Is available to customers where and when they need it
Makes customers’ lives easier
Delivers a consistent customer experience
Is a brand customers can depend on
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Makes customers feel inspired
Has a purpose that customers believe in
Is a brand that customers trust
Is considered modern and in-touch by customers
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Pushes the status quo
Engages with customers in new and creative ways
Has better products, services and experiences than competitors
Is always finding new ways to meet customer needs
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